Kathy A. Dupuy

DupuyTitle: Studio Director

Company: ESPN

Location: Torrington, CT

As a studio director for a nationally renowned television network and provider of entertainment and sports broadcasting services, an award-winning Ms. Dupuy establishes high standards of professionalism in the workplace, participates in preproduction and postproduction meetings, and goes over ideas to help realize the producer’s vision. She is also in charge of overseeing the direction of shows, giving creative and aesthetic directives to the crew in the control room, directing segments, lead-ins and in-bumps, analysis and interviews, and ensuring that the news of the day is delivered with high production values. Ms. Dupuy has received the following awards and accolades over the course of a successful career in television broadcasting:

  • Two-Time Recipient, Emmy Award, “SportsCenter,” Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (2003, 2004)
  • Telly Award, “Audio Resource” TV Commercials
  • Aegis Award of Excellence, “Audio Resource” TV Commercials
  • Communicator Crystal Award, “Audio Resource” TV Commercials
  • Telly Award, “Flexation” National Infomercial
  • Award of Excellence, “Vital Signs” Weekly Call-in Show
  • Aegis Award of Excellence, “Backstage” Weekly Music Show
  • Communicator Award of Excellence, “Backstage” Weekly Music Show

Ms. Dupuy has been working in television for 23 years. She began working at WLAE-TV, the PBS station in her hometown of New Orleans, La., in 1983. Although it was small, the station offered the most advanced equipment in a local television station at that time, an opportunity she could not pass up. Ms. Dupuy spent the next eight years learning everything she could, which helped her move up through the ranks. She initially held a position in master control, and by the time she left the station in 1992, she was a senior director and one of only two editors in the station’s “post house.” While she was there, Ms. Dupuy edited several award-winning documentaries, one of which netted a national PBS award. Eventually wishing to expand her opportunities at a larger station, she accepted a position as a technical director at the local NBC affiliate WDSU. This was a demotion, but within two years, Ms. Dupuy advanced to directing the 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. weekend newscasts. Again proving herself as a proficient director, she was moved to the weekday newscasts at 5:00 p.m. and 10:0 p.m. Ms. Dupuy stayed in that position until she decided to make another career change, and in 2003, she was hired at ESPN as a director. In this capacity, she directs multiple programming, including SportsCenter, Friday Night Fights and Highlight Express. She also directs two international SportsCenters, for the ESPN America and ESPN Pac Rim networks. These are done on a fully automated system called Ignite, which allows one studio director to perform four different jobs per show by typing predetermined codes in a timeline; the system executes all graphic animations, cuts cameras, and controls mic and music levels.

Dupuy cert

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